Tribute sample

from The Alchemist

by Rusty Wells

      With gratitude, I started at the university during the fall. I have since enjoyed further blessings through careers in music and corporate management. Often, my thoughts travel back to how I had left the bleak, freezing night of early adolescence and moved into the springtime of my youth. I still marvel at how Ray lifted me up from the boy-at-risk to the young man whose world had opened out in front of him. The chemist, Ray, had perceived something in me I could not see in myself. He wrought gold out of my teenage years, using his alchemical love to transform my life and show me the man I could become. I am forever grateful.

     My own father passed away when I was a young man. So, when Father’s Day rolls around, I call Ray.


For those who have the forethought to capture their story, I know the legacy passed on to each succeeding generation will be invaluable.

–Stefani Twyford