Create a Spiritual Legacy

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 Our spiritual beliefs and values are profoundly sacred to us. Like a ship’s compass, they guide our journeys, filling our lives with deep meaning and rich purpose.

     Creating a Spiritual Legacy provides an opportunity to share the richness of your faith with family members, those with you now and those in the future.

     During our relaxed and friendly 4-hour workshop, you can record a variety of meaningful stories, such as initiation rituals into your religious tradition, favorite lines of sacred texts, or, perhaps, an uplifting answer you may have received to a prayer.

     By the end of the Spiritual Legacy Workshop, you will have created an 8×8 embellished scrapbook filled with your stories and remembrances on pages that can easily be rearranged and copied to share with others.

     If you are interested in offering such a workshop to your community of faith, please contact Heidi for a free consultation.

It’s much more cathartic than I thought it would be.

–Randy Pausch, who wrote The Last Lecture with Jeffrey Zaslow